Welcome to Summer Fields School.
Stationed in the heart of a great city is the ageless Summer Fields, having the ability to expand & capture the progressive environment where the development of character is valued more than formal instruction. Our school is a beautiful fabric – a collage of various ideas & colours where the bright & the buoyant merge with the soft pastels. It is at Summer Fields that confidence & a co-operative spirit replaces diffidence & self centeredness & the lesson that is etched in the hearts of our students is to keep order amidst change & maintain change amidst order.
Summer Fields School, with the motto of Love-Life-Light, is a perfect blend of old fashioned traditionalism & post modern pragmatism.                                                           more...
For administrative reason the nursery admission schedule is revised and now the first list of students successful for admission will be displayed on 20/01/15 at 4:00 PM
Summer Fields School
Life * Light * Love
Class XII(Board Result-2015) - School Toppers
Class X (CGPA-10) - 2015